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Basic reporter = 0 followers and 0 likes and 0 forums posted       basic 

junior reporter = 10 followers and 20 like and 1 forum posted      novice
senior reporter = 50 followers and 150 likes and 2 forums posted    mediocre 

Senate reporter = 150 followers and 400 likes and 4 forums posted   intermediate 

Instructer reporter = 300 followers 750 likes and 6 forums posted     Adept 

aprentists reporter = 500 followers and 1000 likes and 8 forums posted  expert
master reporter = 1500 followers and 2500 likes and 11 forums posted   master 

Alpha reporter=2750 followers and 4630 likes and 15 forums posted       G.o.a.t 

                                                                                               greatist of all time

Owner = must contact a moderator and apply

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Cameron Jan 17

A+In top 5 percent growing at alarming rate

A=growing at alarming rate  better than about 90-100 percent of therrank

B+growing at a decent rate better than 85-89 percent of there rank

B=growing at a Good rate better than about 80-90 percent of there rank

 C+=geowing at a mediocre rate better than 75-80 percent of there rank

C=growing at a slow rate better than 70-80 percent of there rank

D+=growing at a very slow rate better than 65-69 percent of there rank

D=staying around the same better than 60-70 percent of there rank

E=falling slowly better than 60-50 percent of there rank 

F=falling at a alarming rate below 50

The Ranking dose no matter it just helps you see where your at there will be an option if you want a rank or not.percents will be messared by peoples rates  

Have to be a junior reporter or higher to be ranked

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