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In the classic film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, greenhorns Humphrey Bogart and Tim Holt think they have discovered gold. 49ers Stitched Jerseys . They are set straight by grizzled prospector Walter Huston, who informs them that its pyrite (aka fools gold) but points to a mountain in the distance and assures them that the real thing is up there, up theres where weve got to go.Terence Bud Crawfords dominant decision over Viktor Postol last Saturday to unify two junior welterweight titles was not fools gold, not by any measure. Crawford is a talented, hardworking fighter who is probably going to get even better before hes through.But if hes going to become the new face of American boxing, Crawford still has a steep mountain to climb before he hits the sort of paydirt afforded to boxings elite.Boxing isnt a movie. It has a habit of going off-script. Crawford was clearly superior to Postol, but its doubtful that this fight was what promoter Bob Arum had in mind when he backed the match with his own money because HBO wouldnt.From a technical standpoint, Crawford was virtually flawless. Boxing primarily from a southpaw stance, he negated Postols offense with lateral movement and sharp counters, frustrating the Ukrainian Iceman to such an extent that he blew his cool and resorted to rabbit punches down the stretch.The official scores of 117-108 and 118-107 (twice) were spot on, and it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Crawford outclassed Postol, a previously undefeated boxer with impressive credentials.So whats not to like?What appeared to be one of those coveted best-fighting-the-best matches going in turned out to be largely uneventful. The thrill meter wavered in limbo for most of the fight, like a rollercoaster losing momentum right before plunging over the crest of a hill.Crawford gracefully circled, first to the left and then to the right, engaging only when a counter opportunity presented itself, which wasnt often. Postol rarely got close enough to lay a glove on him.It brought to mind trainer Eddie Shaws comment about former British and European middleweight champion Herol Graham.Graham has turned boxing into a poetic art, said Shaw. Trouble is, nobody ever got knocked out with a poem.HBOs broadcast crew was uniformly effusive in its praise of Crawford. It was, therefore, left to the networks unofficial scorekeeper, Harold Lederman, to finally give voice to what a lot of viewers were surely thinking.Why didnt Crawford let Postol off the hook instead of going for the finish against an opponent hed twice knocked down in the fifth round? Hed never seemed hesitant in the past, but Crawford failed to press his advantage in the sixth, choosing instead to revert to his move and pop-shot motif.Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that if all you want to do is win the fight. But if you are on the fast track to superstardom, its probably not the best way to advance your cause.According to CompuBox, Crawford threw 388 punches and landed 141. Thats an average of 32 punches thrown per round and just under 12 connects. Postol was even less active, throwing 244 punches and landing 83. This is not the kind of pace conducive to creating exhilarating fights.While purists were ecstatic over Crawfords exceptional display of boxing acumen, there simply arent enough of them out there to make him a major pay-per-view attraction. Maybe thats not fair, but you cant force consumers to pay for a product they dont want.Put yourself in the position of a casual boxing fan that shelled out for that PPV, only to witness a superior boxer effortlessly win round after round but never close the show. How eager would you be to come back for more?The PPV numbers wont be available for a few days, but the crowd of 7,027 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena meant that approximately half the seats were empty. Not an encouraging sign.To be fair, part of that was due to the fact that Crawford is not well known beyond hardcore boxing circles. The Postol fight was supposed to test his marketability outside of his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where hes consistently drawn larger crowds that he did in Vegas.Of course, Crawfords performance against Postol had absolutely nothing to do with the live gate or PPV buy-rate. It did, however, have everything to do with the winners immediate future.Knockouts are the quickest way to the hearts of the masses, always were and always will be. Although the knockout is unquestionably the payoff most fans crave, its not just about the act itself.Theres a primal aura about a knockout puncher that seduces like no other. His art is absolute in a world filled with ambiguities. We crave that aspect of it almost as much as the violent spectacle it provides.The cognoscenti were right to rave about Crawfords boxing IQ, seamless footwork and disciplined fight plan. Buds capable of all that and more, but its the more that was missing against Postol.Those who said it was a boring fight were also correct. We got a brief sense of what it could have been in the 12th, when the opponents engaged in several spirited exchanged and created the best round of the fight.As it was, it took Postols most determined attack of the evening to draw the gritty version of Crawford out of hiding. By then it was too late.How did Postol, who won two rounds, three tops, managed to remain on his feet at the conclusion? Was the Ukrainian a greater threat than he appeared?Did Crawford play it safe because he was nervous about his maiden PPV voyage? Is there something we dont know?Intentionally or not, Crawford answered all these questions in a single declarative sentence, uttered in the immediate aftermath of the fight.I just stick to what I know: boxing.When youre as good at it as Crawford, boxing skills alone can take you a long way. But if you want to be special, youve got to do special things, which almost always requires leaving your comfort zone.I think Bud has it in him to do whatever it takes. When Yuriorkis Gamboa and Hank Lundy came at him hard and fast, he responded in kind and quickly made them regret their impertinence. A man of Crawfords temperament needs those kinds of adversaries to bring out the beast.Is Manny Pacquiao the man for the job?Arum seems to think so. Hes been angling for the match for some time now, probably hoping the aging star of his promotional stable will eventually pass the baton to Crawford.Some will tell you its a done deal, and maybe it is. But despite Crawfords scorecard supremacy, matchmakers may hesitate thanks to the equivocal nature of his performance.Crawford reportedly earned $1.3 million -- a nice payday, but nowhere near the estimated $20 million Pacquiao was guaranteed for his most recent bout, the third fight with Timothy Bradley.That sort of money is still there for the taking -- up where the terrain is treacherous, the competition is fierce and a figurative gold mine awaits those strong enough to claim it. Thats where Crawford has to go.He already has a toehold, but thats all. The toughest part of the ascent is yet to come. Authentic 49ers Jerseys . "I wrote 36 on my sheet at the beginning of the game," the Cincinnati coach said, referring the yard line the ball would need to be snapped from. Wholesale 49ers Jerseys . "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. . General manager Jarmo Kekalainen told Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Dispatch on Friday that he wants to see Gaboriks contributions go beyond the scoresheet before considering a long-term deal for the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent. Lakatriona Brunson is a bit of a local celebrity in Miami for her role as Bernice on the TruTV series South Beach Tow. But theres another reason for her Florida fame.Earlier this year, Brunson became the first female high school head football coach in the state when she was named to the role at Miami Jackson.While her hiring was met with a mixture of fanfare and resistance, her players were quick to buy in to Coach B and her style, using the naysayers as motivation.The first play of the game, [the other team will] line up and say [Brunson] doesnt know what shes doing, offensive lineman Donte Morris said. The first time I heard that it added fuel to my fire. You trash talk her, Im gonna bust you in the mouth, and me and my female football coach are gonna beat you all.Despite the unwavering loyalty from her players, they havent exactly had a dream season. After only a few games, half of Brunsons coaching staff -- including assistant head coach Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame -- quit unexpectedly. The team was left with a skeleton coaching staff for the remainder of the season and finished 3-7.A lot of people dont think a woman can coach this sport, Brunson said. My first year has been tough, I can tell you that. It aint no Cinderella story.Despite the ups and downs, Brunson -- who spent eight years playing professionally in the Independent Womens Football League -- has tried to be a positive figure for her players both on and off the field. From encouraging them to do well in school as a means to better lives, to teaching them to respect women, Brunson knows shes in a unique and important position.Im like doing this for a million women out there who probably want to be in my shoes, even 10 million men who want to be in my shoes, she says. So I have to stay firm and stay strong and make it happen. I want to build a program here at Miami Jackson, and I want to go somewhere else and go higher and higher.I just dont want to let people down. Though she coaches the all-male football team, coach Lakatriona Bronsons office is in the girls locker room. Thankfully, that means team managers Lakima James and Jada Graham are able to help carry equipment to the field. Before becoming head coach at Miami Jackson, the only organized football coaching experience that Brunson -- or Coach B as her players call her -- had was in girls flag football at the middle and high school levels. When she was hired into her current role, she was just as shocked as anyone. Its a mans sport, you know, she says. Theres a lot of guys that probably were qualified who could have had the job with more coaching experience. Cornerback Anthony Lloyd warms up with the rest of his team before their second game of the season, against Booker T. Washington. It rained steadily for most of the game against Booker T. Washington, but it didnt stop Coach Bs intensity. She yells from the sidelines as her team marches down the field. Miami Jackson ultimately prevailed 12-9 and secured Brunsons and the teams first victory of the season. Coach B and defensive end Eric Mateo walk off the bus after arriving back to Miami Jackson from their win at Booker T. Washington. She wants to win as bad as we do. We respect her the same way we respect our mother, Mateo says of Coach B, who doesnt have any children of her own. Coach Bs players have overwhelmingly enjoyed their time playing for her. She keeps me up and tells me when Im doing wrong, quarterback Terrence Craig Jr. says. When I do good, she tells me Im doing good. Thats what I like about her. She really has faith in you. Coach B demonstrates the proper technique in hitting the football sled to guard Jacob Cato -- something he appreciates. She shows a lot of leadership with us, he said. She makes sure we do what were supposed to do in the classroom and on the field. Coach B played professionally for eight years for the Miami Fury in the Independent Womens Football League. She was a three-time all-star, playing defensive tackle, left tackle, fullback, linebacker, wherever they needed me, she says. Besides football, Coach B stresses the importance of education to her players. This football thing, to some of them, its life or death, she said. Thats why you have to put something else on their table like knowing that if I get an education and I go and play football now Im getting a two for one. Im getting an education, and Im doing something I love. In a rare moment without her signature sunglasses, Coach B cant hide her displeasure with her team during its game against Cardinal Gibbons High School. Coach B shakes hands and congratulates the coaches at Cardinal Gibbons after her teams 36-7 loss. While she at first faced doubt from other players, parents and even referees, she says her local community has since been supportive. All the local guys, I know these guys before football, I know them outside of football, they call me and ask, Anything you need coach? Those are the people I play, so to see them welcome me in, its been great. Coach B watches members of her team work out in the weight room. If youre building a program, theres not one single day you can slack up on them, she said. Making sure theyre doing other things and not getting in trouble, coming to school on time, and keeping their grades up, thats year round. Coach B talks to her team after what she calls a Black Monday practice -- because the players practice and run until they black out. She is dedicated to helping as many of her players as possible to use foootball as a means to getting an education, a college scholarship and breaking out of the cycle of violence in Miami. 49ers Womens Jerseys. Theres so much killing going on, Ive had two kids this year that have been shot, she says. My whole thing about this sport is you can teach a kid how to play football any day. Getting them to the next level is in that classroom. It aint got nothing to do with whats on the field. Coach B goes over a play with defensive tackle Renaldo Flowers Jr. and quarterbacks coach Tywane Stevens. Despite being indoors, she still wears her trademark sunglasses. Behind my shades I can be me, she said. My facial expressions sometimes give me away. I dont like nobody to see what Im looking at. Ill be looking at everything, Im very observant. I keep my shades on and I see everything. The Generals, with a record of 1-4, hoist their helmets in the air at the end of the national anthem before a game against rival Miami Central, their sixth of the season. Coach B tries to encourage her exhausted team at halftime of the Miami Central game. While the Generals would go on to lose 48-6, Coach B would not let the outcome bring her down. The losses that weve had, its hard for anyone to take those, linebacker coach Quan Chess said. If she can roll with the punches as a woman, and Im not saying that to demean her as a woman, but I think I can swallow my pride and roll with the punches too and follow her lead. Most of Coach Bs peers have been supportive of her. Before her teams game against Stranahan, referee Teddy Brown drops to his knee and held her hand while saying, Its an honor, Coach, your reputation precedes you. When later asked about his actions, he explained simply, I love to see a woman dominate in a mans world. All year weve been through a lot and now I finally feel like these kids are coming together. Its late in the game, but you finally feel some kind of ownership that the kids are having, and theyre enjoying themselves, Coach B said. Defensive tackle Renaldo Flowers Jr., center left, and running back Nakia Robinson, both seniors, are named to the homecoming court during a pep rally before their game against Coconut Creek. Coach B shows off her relaxed side during the homecoming rally as she dances with her cousin Lakeysha Broussard, a math and business teacher at Miami Jackson. Right now I feel like were at a good point and I want to go out with a bang this season, Coach B said. Named Mr. Miami Jackson during the pep rally, Renaldo Flowers Jr. escorts Veronica Orelus, the recipient of the Miss Miami Jackson title, down the 50-yard line. Throughout the season, Coach B has taught her players how to properly treat women: Youve got me telling them how to treat women, how to respect women, how to deal with women, how women are, how to do this how to do that, she says. A lot of young men in our program dont have fathers in their lives, so oddly enough she does bridge that gap between a boy becoming a man, linebacker coach Quan Chess says. I think they have learned a lot about respecting women. When you look at other programs, theyre not as sensitive as we are towards women. We dont have the same problems as other programs, and I think Coach B has a lot to do with that. Miami Jackson had no problems handling Coconut Creek and ultimately won their homecoming game in a 43-0 rout. Drummer Arthoner Shine and the Miami Jackson marching band try to hype up the crowd during the teams final game of the season against Miami Northwestern. Coach B, quarterback coach Tywane Stevens and running back coach Fitzgerald Hardwick try to keep the team focused in its last game of 2016. Coach B says lessons in understanding the opposite sex have gone both ways during the football season. I never knew these guys were so emotional. Theyre like emotional creatures, she says. Most men wont think about it because theyre told theyve got to be tough. Youve got to watch what you say to them, around them, about them. Though the Generals lost their final game to Miami Northwestern 18-6, Coach B still has a lot to smile about as she walks of the field with Miami Jackson principal Carlos Rios. With her first season complete, shes proud but also knows theres much she can improve upon. Im trying to learn everything that I can, she said. Im a sponge. I watch everything. If I dont know how to do something, Im gonna learn it. I would love to build this program from the ground, you know and let it be all mine, let it have my identity. Coach B is met by her family, including her mom, cousins and aunts, after the final game of the season. A lot of people were making fun of Jackson on social media and saying, Jackson is going to be a joke this year, but we just had to come out and play, offensive guard Jacob Cato says. After the final game, Coach B collects helmets from her players and puts them away in the uniform room. While she has enjoyed the season, she reflects that she has had some difficulty finding time for herself. They call me on a weekend like Im their wife or something, she joked. I try to spend time with them, because a lot of them outside of that, they dont have nobody to spend time with them. Wide receiver Seven Fleurimond hugs Coach B in the locker room after the seasons last game. Coaching to the end, coaching these kids up, and being there and fighting with them, thats more than enough for me, she says. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 

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