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Portable crusher plants need regular inspections, which is what we have to do to eliminate the failure of the machine, the timely detection of the internal parts of the equipment for damage, and then promptly resolved, then this series of treatment points are there? ? We are not as easy to understand together under the hope that your future operations can help.1, the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, nose, tail and other parts of the coupling must be complete, intact, tight. Reducer, hydraulic shaft should be no oil, oil spills, the amount of oil to be appropriate.2, Portable crusher plant signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to boot, spray sprinkler to ensure good.3, the power cable, the operating line must be neat, no extrusion phenomenon.4, Portable crusher plant debris near the head and motor, reducer coal dust must be cleaned.5, Its face conveyor scraper conveyor head and reprint machine tail lap to be appropriate.6, scraper chain is critical, scraper and screw must be fully tightened.7, reprinting machine walking car must be stable and reliable.8, reproduced in some cases under the bridge machine body boot, the operation of the components should be no abnormal sound, scraper, chain, connecting ring should be no twist, twist twist, bending deformation.9, Portable crusher plant at the roadway support must be intact, solid.10, its safety protection network and protection devices, to ensure that no deformation is not valid, safe and reliable.The above is the detection and processing of Portable crusher plant, the basic points are also listed, hoping to be able to play a role in the future for everyone in the future, then the specific needs special attention.


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