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About Raymond mill accessories maintenance is mainly cleaning, lubrication, maintenance, replacement. Bearing parts do a good job of lubrication, a direct impact on equipment life and operational efficiency. At the same time pay attention to the Raymond mill roller cover replacement, the bearing and bearing room to be cleaned in time, and to ensure proper clearance. When the Raymond mill roller wear ring more than 500 hours, to be replaced with new equipment.

Raymond mill in the downtime, be sure to unplug the power to ensure that the machine is not energized; Raymond mill jam, to power off after the maintenance view; in the shutdown, to ensure that Raymond Mill Dump machine idling for a minute to ensure that there is no material inside the machine to ensure smooth operation of the next machine. Under normal circumstances, Raymond mill bearing chamber temperature not higher than 70 degrees, once the bearing temperature is too high to immediately stop checking and eliminate.

Slag is the slag and coarse ash discharged from the bottom of coal-fired boilers, such as blast furnace slag, slag discharged from steel smelting pig iron, and slag discharged from the boiler can be called slag, and casual waste will cause certain Environmental pollution, then how to use it again? Can I use the mill to process the slag?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, slag re-processing has now been more re-use of the enterprise, and has its own exclusive market. Slag to be efficient use, re-processing, slag mill is an indispensable equipment. The slag is pulverized by a mill to give it its value and is easy to transport and store. At present, the mill on the market processing slag Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, over-pressure trapezoidal grinding and slag grinding and so on. According to the specific needs of the slag to be processed different, you can choose different types of mill equipment.


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